Develop a deeper relationship with yourself within an environment of safety and acceptance. Following a client centred approach, there are no specific protocols where you'll have to fit. There won't be quick fixes either. Here, we will work together to understand what you are going through and why you respond to it the way you do. A set of conscious techniques ranging from mindfulness to body practices will improve your relationship with your inner processes. The aim is that you become the owner of your choices, going trough life events without losing yourself on the way, keeping track of your motivation sources and learning how to best manage your energy levels. The change will be as deep as you want it to be. And it's you who's gonna make change happen, I'm only here to light up your way.

Duration: 50 min

Cost: €50

Being distant doesn't mean you can't start or continue your therapy process. For anyone who's traveling, struggling to physically show up or unable to move but still want to do the inner work, this might be the option. In person therapy is usually the recommended choice, as the effects of empathy are more evidently felt and some practices can be better performed. Still, the existence of obstacles shouldn't be the reason why therapy is put aside. This is a way of improving your relationship with yourself and a door to a life lived by your values. Get in touch.

Duration: 50 min

Cost: 40€

Design a lifestyle that matches your dreams. Improve your sleep quality, develop a better relationship with food and discover how you function best. Your choices define your health, and your health conditions your life. But your awareness can lead you to better choices. Find more about yourself and what gives you energy and joy, what moves you, and how you can make time for it. Unlock your full potential and start living a life according to your true standards. Plan and structure empowering routines, step by step, tailor-made for your own needs and values in a realistic way. There are no short cuts or quick fixes. Come reinvent yourself.

Duration: 50 min

Cost: 35€

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