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Consciously reinvent yourself

small steps, big differences



The Conscious Counselor

The Conscious Counselor is the professional alias of Marcelo Lopes, a psychologist specialised in health and the relationships between body, mind and lifestyle.

Also a practitioner of yoga, with training in pranayama, breathwork and mindfulness, Marcelo seeks to embody and promote a lifestyle in which every choice comes from a place of awareness, clarity and balance. If you’re considering starting your personal journey in psychotherapy, Marcelo will facilitate an empathetic and nonjudgemental atmosphere through which you'll be able to tap into your inner self. Dive deep into your core and understand how to work with your unique set of characteristics in order to move your life to your most wanted destinations.


You don't have to go through it alone. And you can learn how to cope with it better. This is a space where you can express your concerns freely, so we understand them together. Become more aware and own your choices. And, remember, it's you who's going to make change happen. I'm only here to light up your way.

Stay close even when distant. Maybe you can't show up physically or you're not into it. Or maybe you're traveling and still feel like you want to continue your process. The existence of obstacles shouldn't be the reason why therapy is put aside.


Learn how to breathe properly. Improve your energy management, develop a better relationship with your emotions and find more about yourself. Discover how to enhance your immune system, recover faster from trauma and sharpen your brain. Unlock your full potential and start living a life according to your true standards. Come reinvent yourself through the breath.

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